8/18/2020 IJN: Heavenly Father forgive all our sins, me, my husband and my daughter. Shower YOUR blessings of grace, mercy, knowledge, wisdom, good health, protection, peace, love, joy on my daughter. Touch - heal her mind, body, and soul completely. Take away all her worries. Provide all her needs. Help her in study - exam-guide her. Father have mercy on my daughter and protect her from all evil. Touch - heal my mind-body-soul. Destroy all evil plans against us. Protect us from all evil - illness-infection. Father provide our needs. Father THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR BLESSINGS OF SUCCESS IN OUR LIVES. YOU are my hope. Amen.


 8/20/2020: John McMurray      Please pray for my sister Susie and her family as their son Nate, just lost his wife to breast cancer. They have a 1 1/2 yr old son. Prayers for grace and peace during this time.

8/20/2020: John McMurray       Please pray for my sister Susie and their family as they deal with the loss of their daughter in law Rachel  as well as the California wildfires which are within 20 miles of their home. Pray for peace, protection, and wisdom to know what the Lord would have them to do as they make plans for the service for Rachel.


 9/11/2020:  Susan Chinouth: Please pray for her upcoming back surgery on 9/16. Pray for skill and expertise by the surgeon and the entire medical team. Please pray that her pain would be bearable and that the surgery would be successful. Pray for protection from COVID while she is in the hospital.

 UPDATE: 10/17/2020 Susan
Susan is doing very well after her back surgery. She continues to be pain free and is doing well.  She also is so thankful for all the people who took time to sign the quilt for the Gipson family! Quilt is in the mail and headed to Japan. Hoping to have it there before Thanksgiving.  

10/13/2020:  Tony, friend of Paul Schmidt

Continue to pray for Tony who is recovering from heart surgery. 


Prayers for a pregnant mother under immense pain and stress.

10/16/2020: Paul

Please pray that God would give me energy to work harder and keep my house clean. Also pray that God would deliver me from the sin in my life. Finally pray that God would renew my joy and give me peace everyday.