Heritage gathers to celebrate the redeeming work of Jesus who is the Object of our worship in every song, prayer and exhortation.  

Scripture Driven

God has revealed how to worship him in the Bible.  Our corporate gathering begins with God's call to worship and each element thereafter is centered on the Word through which God speaks to us.  We joyfully respond to God's revelation of Himself in singing, prayer, giving tithes, fellowship and whole life surrender.

Biblical Content

Because God's Word is our highest value,  we carefully compare all lyrical content with the Word of God and strive to sing songs that promote God's Word in our hearts.

Corporate worship is not a performance  although it does have an audience of One.   All of the music is sung by all the body of Christ.  We also read Scripture together to signify our faith and unity of belief in God's Word. We also engage in a corporate time of prayer for God's mission in the world.  

The Lord Jesus Christ is unquestionably the center of our worship, but fellowship provides a demonstration of God's welcome; an opportunity to actively seek out new faces and welcome new friends.  

Blended Music

Truth is greater than genre.  For this reason we cherish and sing the music of the church; both the hymns of our Christian heritage as well as modern songs.  A variety of musical instruments and musical styles are employed to accompany our singing.