Upon arrival:

Check-in opens at 9:15; 15 minutes before the corporate gathering begins at 9:30am.  

First-time guests should go to the appropriate Visitor Check-in station in the Nursery or Children's Center.   We'll ask you to complete a registration card and exchange it for a name tag for each child.  These tags

1. Will be used to text you if you are needed.  

2. Will be shown to the Nursery or Children's worker to retrieve your child.  

For your convenience, you can download our visitor check-in form, complete it and bring it with you.


Sunday morning

The Nursery (Birth - 2yrs) is available during the worship service. Family worship is a core value of Heritage so we include our preschoolers (3yrs - K) during the morning worship music time. Parents are then encouraged to walk their preschooler to Preschool Worship where there they can join their friends and teachers for Preschool Worship. After Preschool Worship they are dismissed to their Community Groups at 11am.

Two Sunday morning time frames exist:  9:30 and 11am.  Newborns to K5 are in the Nursery and Children's ministry for both hours.  First grade and up are in the sanctuary with parents at 9:30 and in Community Groups at 11am.  

Sunday morning children’s classes at 9:30 and 11am are age-divided.  The nursery and toddler rooms have one-way windows and all classrooms have windows in the doors.

Infants & Crawlers

We have designed a room, care and lesson plans specifically for newborns and toddlers up to one year of age.

Stepping Stones 1

We invest the first  30 minutes of each class connecting with your one-year old.   We also use age-appropriate curriculum to which is reinforced during playtime.  This is followed by a Cheerios snack and then a time of singing.

Stepping Stones 2

The two-years-old class follows the SS1 format but the snack may consist of Cheerios or goldfish.  This class graduates to preschool if their birthday occurs before the new year.

Preschool Worship

Three to five year old children first participate in a hands on activity and are then engaged through music and Bible stories taught by our Preschool Worship Team. The focus then shifts to Bible memorization.  The children learn a new Bible verse every month.  

Community Groups for 3 year olds – 6th grade

After the 9:30-10:45 worship hour,  3’s – 6th grade participate in their age-based Community Groups..  The hour begins with a snack and children participate in hands-on activities, an active Bible story , verse memorization and music.  Elementary aged students begin to establish a biblical worldview through in-class learning and At Home papers intended to involve parents and  children with lesson reinforcement.  

At pickup

Pick up in the Nursery and the Children's Ministry area requires the parental portion of the check-in tag received during check-in. Parents will show their tag to the security team  greeter who will open the hallway door for parents to walk to their child's class. The teacher will then match the numbers and release the child to the parent.  

Safety and Scripture are our Sunday morning priorities.

-Your child will receive biblical teaching and loving guidance from their leaders.

- All volunteers are Heritage members and have completed a background check.  The ministry is also monitored by our service coordinators and trustees.

- Our check-in system ensures that children are released only to an authorized person.  No one may enter the children’s classroom hallways unless he/she is a teacher or possesses a check-in sticker.

- We maintain a safe ratio of children to teachers/leaders.

- We enforce and encourage parents to endorse the 24-hour sickness rule.