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6:30 PM - Youth Bible Study

Home Community Groups meet throughout the week in various locations

6:00 PM - Truth Quest
6:30 PM - Adult Bible Study
6:30 PM - Youth Bible Study

Welcome to
Times & Location

What to Expect

We meet in the Multi -Center,

often referred to as the Youth Center.

What to Wear:
At Heritage you will find everything from jeans and tee-shirts to suits and dresses.
"Casual' is a good description. Please come how you are, but modesty is appreciated.

What to Bring:

Just yourself!

If you have a Bible you can bring that, if not, we have plenty for you to use.

What will Happen:

Sunday mornings:

9:30:  We join the congregation for worship.

11:00:  We enjoy Community Groups (CGs) in the Multi-Center.  We all meet together for a few minutes and then disperse into groups of Jr and Sr High Guys and Gals.

Sunday nights: @ 6:30:  We meet in the Multi-Center and study the Bible verse-by-verse. Currently we are studying through Romans. We normally finish at 7:30 but most of the young people stay to play games until about 8:30.


6:30 AM: Fight Club -There are a few guys that meet in the Multi-Center at 6:30 till 7:15 for accountability, prayer and encouragement.

2:30: The Bridge - Meet meet the SHHS students who are picked up in our parking lot every Tuesday to hand out candy, invite them to Bible Study, Share the Gospel, and wish them a happy Tuesday.

3:15: After the Bridge we try to do an afternoon Fight Club that is coed. We generally have it out somewhere enjoying a Slushy or something.

Wednesday nights @ 6:30 we meet in the Multi-Center for some youth-led singing and Bible study. We normally finish at 7:30 but most of the young people stay to play games in in the gym until about 8:30.

Who comes:

Students from various public and private high schools as well as home-schooled students.  Depending on what sport is in season we usually have about 25-40 students.

Along with serious Bible study, you can expect to feel welcome, safe and enjoy the time. We do service projects in the community, go on trips, play some pretty awesome games and just enjoy hanging out. This is a growing youth group:  we're growing in Christ, in relationships with one another and in numbers.  We're also having a great time doing so.

Link to Google Calendar: HBC YOUTH

Questions? Contact Pastor Joel at 423-946-6409

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