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 10/10/19 Haley Wherry:

Haley would appreciate prayer for himself and his extended family as his grandmother is in her last days of life here on earth. At 96,  she has lived an amazing life that she  poured into all of them (36 children, grandchildren and great grandchildren). Pray for peace for her and for their family as they say goodbye and celebrate a life well lived.

 10/3/19 Susan Chinouth:

Please pray for her husband Mickey as he is having increased pain in his neck into the  left arm. Also experiencing problems with increased fluid retention affecting his heart. Pray that the doctor can figure out what is causing the pain in his neck and arm as well problems with heart. Prayers for complete and total healing.

10/3/19 Susan Chinouth:

Susan's nephew, Marcus, is also back in the hospital with continued issues with his meningitis. He is on more antibiotics. Prayers for this young man for healing. 

 9/29/19 Mary Ellis:

Please pray for Mary's eldest son who fell off of a deck this past week injuring his back. Discharged home from the hospital Wednesday. He has a place in his spine cracked and a rib broken. He continues to be in a lot of pain. He is not a Christian and has had a rough life. Please pray for complete healing.


9/28/19 Robert English:

 Please pray for Chris Parrish, a member of Pastor Reggie's CG. Chris is in the hospital again for issues with his intestines. His mom died just a few months ago as well.

9/30/19 Update: Chris Parrish is now home from the hospital and doing well. Praise the LORD.


9/27/19 Susan Chinouth

Prayers needed for Susan's nephew,  Marcus Hyatt, who is home now from the hospital recovering from viral meningitis. Please pray for a complete healing.

10/1/19 Update: Marcus is thanking everyone for the prayers. He said his brain still feels a little bit funny but he is repairing....he is so thankful for the prayers.   


9/26/19    Please pray for Spiritual Awakening in our country