9:30 AM - Worship Service
8:30 and 11:00 AM - Community Groups
6:30 PM - Youth Bible Study

6:30 PM - Behind the Book
6:30 PM - Youth Bible Study
6:30 PM - Children's Discipleship & Music

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Heritage is a God-centered, great commission congregation.  We exist because God is a missional God, on mission to redeem everything to himself.  Everything we do, whether as individuals or a corporate body, is missional, intended to glorify God's name and expand God's kingdom throughout the earth.  For these reasons, we don't have a missions program.  The church is God's mission and God's mission program.  We are a people on-mission, locally, nationally and globally.    We recognize however that we live locally and can't personally reach the nation or globe 24/7.  So we partner with friends and agencies who have the same vision/mission/values/beliefs that we do.  For security reasons we can't tell you where everyone is serving but here is a sampling of the places Heritage is advancing God's kingdom outside the four walls of our facilities.