9:15 AM - Church Community Groups
10:30  AM - Worship Service
6:30 PM - Youth Bible Study

Home Community Groups meet throughout the week in various locations

6:00 PM - Truth Quest
6:30 PM - Adult Bible Study
6:30 PM - Youth Bible Study

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HBC Community Groups

Our vision is to be a God-centered, great commission congregation.  Our mission is to connect people to God, grow together in Christ and impact the world by the Spirit.  Community groups are a primary means of connecting, growing and impacting; a small group is essential to Christian maturity.


Below you will find a list of our current CGs that meet at the church on Sunday mornings at 9:15am. You will find the names of CG leaders and the room nuber of where they meet. Complete the form below if you would like more information on joining a Church CGs and we will contact you soon. Thank you!

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